Flat icon protective goggles

Eye protection

Wearing safety goggles and mouth protection from the locker room is mandatory.

1.10 Joule

The ASVD rules have been optimized for outdoor fields. Because we are an indoor facility, only a maximum of 1.1 J is allowed, in deviation from these rules. Each weapon is checked with a chronograph before the game starts. Only in private events the limit can be adjusted.

Flat icon prohibited items


The use of drugs and the politicization of the sport is not allowed.

House rules

Always treat your teammates and the playing field with respect. No insults, no discrimination and especially no intentional injuries. Drugs or alcohol have no place in airsoft. They impair your reactions and can lead to unsafe situations. Always follow these rules and respect the decisions of the referees, they have the last word. No cheating, no unfair advantages. Airsoft is a game based on honesty and integrity. We reserve the right to expel repeat offenders from the field.

The use of laser, IR laser (PEQ) or night vision sights is prohibited by law, PEQ's without lasers may be used. Silencers with silencing effect may not be used, while imitation silencers and tracers are allowed. Wearing the Swiss Military Tenue B (TAZ) is prohibited.

Please label the equipment you bring along! Everything that can be left behind should have a mark that can be assigned to you. In this way, accidentally forgotten items can be returned more quickly.